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Dr. Randi I Ross

Chief Executive Officer
  • Department: Deal Management, Marketing, Valuation Reports, Client Support & Development.
  • Experience: 33 Years
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 770-748-6084 Ext #2
  • Company Nickname: “Bossy Pants”
About Dr. Ross

Dr. Randi Ross began her business career at a very young age while enjoying time with her dad on days she was out of school. Her dad was a district sales manager for a large company. What she observed was that the man doing the selling was just as important as the goods he sold. He taught her it wasn’t about making sales, it was about building relationships. After graduating from NYCC in 1988, she went back to her roots and started a practice in Brooklyn, NY.

Quickly she learned that there were few business models to draw upon for women entrepreneurs that offered successful business strategies. If she was going to survive then she would have to find her own path. Little did she know then, the path would not lead forward at first, but backward. Back to her dad. All of those things that she learned from her father, about friendship, honesty, discipline and relationship building she could now apply to her own business initiative. For many years she was proud to be a staple in the community, providing chiropractic care and education on living a healthy lifestyle to area residents. She created community events to build relationships with local businesses, professionals and many government agencies. The events she created and hosted were geared to provide health screenings and educate the community on local services.

After many years in practice, she had an opportunity to serve the profession. She began a career as a representative for a company that provided equipment to chiropractors. She specialized in not only showing doctors how to integrate certain therapies into their practice but how to effectively market those services as a practice building tool.

In 2009, along with Dr. Matthew Davis created Community Wellness Day. This was an event that followed the model she had created many years prior while in practice. They were blessed to have the opportunity to work with hundreds of chiropractors, providing them the tools to host a community event as well as understanding the importance of building relationships to grow their community presence. During this time, social media was becoming a very important part of marketing a chiropractic event to the community. Dr. Ross became an authority on what we call all aspects of the virtual world. She began teaching that everything from website development to Facebook and YouTube is an integral part of chiropractors reaching patients in their communities. She is now recognized as an authority and works with professionals, helping them with the virtual presence they need for long term sustainable business growth.

Dr. Ross could not be more excited to take her three decades of chiropractic experience in practice and business to be partnering with Dr. Tom Morgan of Premier Chiropractic Consultants. She will be managing the expanded marketing platform that Premier Chiropractic Consultants provides to its clients as well as managing certain elements of the additional services being offered. She is always available to discuss any of your practice needs for buying, selling or evaluating practices.

Call her today, she can help you: 770-748-6084 Extension #2

My Mastery Skills

I believe very strongly that anyone who reaches out to our company, no matter what the reason be met with a very timely response. Whether I can help you or not, you will receive a phone call or an email, usually the former to give you the reply you deserve. Treating people with respect and professionalism should not be an anomaly, but unfortunately in this industry it is.
I am also known as “Bossy Pants” because when I am given a task to get an aquisition completed I find a way, I find the solution.  I live my life always saying , there are no problems there are just alternative solutions.  When getting an aquisition to a final sale often requires figuing a way around issues that arrise.  Every deal is so unique and different, and you cant apply cookie cutter mindset to an individual circumstances.